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The proper floor covering of the warehouse means layers of different materials such as concrete, PVC, etc., which make the conditions for storing and arranging the goods in the warehouse easier. The covering or flooring used for the warehouse environment not only has a great impact on the beautification of the environment, but also has a direct relationship with the security of the environment and maintaining health and safety.

Epoxy Warehouse require specialized coatings that are able to withstand the heavy traffic from forklifts, wheeled cards, dirt, foot traffic and infrequent cleaning. Elegant Warehouse Epoxy Flooring  systems (in brisbane) can also be re-top coated at any time easily and inexpensively.

Why is important the proper floor covering in warehouse?

The sheds intended for the arrangement and storage of factories and stores, etc., must have standards based on the type of goods placed in them. One of the most important standards and matters in setting up a warehouse is paying attention to the floor of the shed and preparing them, installing shelves and using the environment to arrange goods. But the question is, why is it important to have the right floor covering for the warehouse and what benefits will their correct selection bring? Among the most important reasons for the importance of suitable flooring for storage sheds, the following options can be mentioned:

Is Concrete Tough Enough?

Although most warehouses are made of concrete, as many think that concrete is strong, it may not be suitable for warehouses. This is because most concrete floors are high maintenance, permanently wet concrete floors cause mold growth and create an unhealthy environment, and concrete floors look uneven and worn over time and become unsafe for cars and pedestrian traffic and many other reasons.

Why is Elegant epoxy better?

The warehouse floors are open 24 hours a day. Traffic includes delivery trucks, cars, and mobile power plants such as forklifts, pedestrians, workers and visitors. So, it is important to ensure that the floor is safe and in proper operating condition. The use of resin in the flooring industry is very important and it is one of the widely used options for industrial environments such as warehouses. In addition to the high color variety and beautiful appearance, these floorings have a lot of variety, and anti-dust or anti-dust and anti-acid samples are the best and most suitable choices for warehouses that contain acidic and corrosive materials. It should also be mentioned that epoxy is easily painted on the floor of the warehouse and will provide ideal conditions for the order and correct arrangement of the shelves. It should also be noted that conductive epoxies, due to their low electrical resistance, will be one of the suitable choices for the storage floor of electronic devices and equipment that are sensitive to electric shock. Traveling on these surfaces will create a little static electricity and will prevent damage to the equipment in the warehouse. Epoxy-coated warehouse floors are smooth, non-porous, and have a stain-resistant surface that is easy to clean. Among other advantages of using epoxy are:

Preparation before Installation

For a long-lasting epoxy floor, the surface preparation step is considered the most important step. Before installation, the concrete floor must be free of stains and dust and be completely cleaned. It should also not be damaged, otherwise cracks will appear. For best results, concrete should be diamond ground, shot blasted, vacuumed or washed to ensure the floor is dry and at the right temperature.

Epoxy warehouse Warranty

We offer a one-year warranty against peeling and delamination. This warranty does not cover issues related to damage caused by moisture and negligence. The manufacturer’s certificate can be provided if it is indicated before the start, because it is necessary to first evaluate the project’s production representative in order to issue and receive the relevant certificates. Also, our warranty does not include damages such as damage to the substrate such as cracking of the floor, displacement or collapse of concrete or abuses.

Safety and Occupational Health

As part of our commitment in complying with the principles of health and safety in the workplace, Elegant epoxy flooring product considers its moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees, contractors, customers and visitors. This obligation also includes ensuring that there is no risk of harm to the community or the local environment in which we are working, or any injury or disease. In addition, it is noted that due to the conditions and materials used the use of any kind of tobacco is prohibited in the working area. Therefore, it is strictly avoided to do this. Therefore, if your residence flooring needs to be lined or coated with epoxy, or if you have a flooring project that requires precision, attention and skill, and if you need advice with epoxy flooring, the country’s leading resin flooring experts and our hardworking team They can help you in doing these services and in this way you will get an amazing result. We assure you that your project will be completed on time and in compliance with all standards and will be of the highest standard. We use high-quality brands to ensure the quality of your flooring.

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