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Line Marking is the process of applying, spraying, painting or drawing lines on a surface for the purpose of identifying points of interest or indicating traffic directions. Line marking can be either temporary, non-mechanical or mechanical. Line marking is particularly useful for traffic lanes, informing pedestrians and motorists of road rules, hazards or no-passing zones, along with road safety purposes using audio tactile line markings. In order to minimize the confusion and frustration of our users, line marking has become a necessity. Properly applied reliable line markings are regularly maintained and visible. Make sure you make the right choice. We are a leader in line marking applications and are known for our advanced, durable and professional service.

Elegant epoxy flooring ensures that we use the highest quality and grade of heavy-duty line marking paint that dry quickly and minimize foot and vehicle traffic. Some of the products used dry easily and quickly. We will work around the clock and always use premium quality paint.

Among the colors we use are:


There is now a wide range of line marking paints to choose from different manufacturers that are affordable. It is worth noting that most companies choose cheap colors. However, Elegant epoxy flooring (in Brisbane) believes in quality service and uses city line marking paint. It means that we do not reduce anything from the quality of our work and quality is an important issue for us. Elegant epoxy flooring uses durable colors based on different platforms.

We are experts in internal and exterior line marking. Our work areas include:

Also note that Elegant epoxy flooring is highly recommended as a line marking company that also specializes in line removal. Any removal of traces of glue, paint or any other type of marking, we will finish it quickly and on time. On the other hand, when the markings disappear or there is a change in ownership and tenancy of the property, the lines should be removed. Clearing the marking will confuse users and look very unprofessional.

Line markings are removed in many ways such as the use of black paint on areas that doesn’t need total paint removal or high pressure cleaning as well as high power shot blasting to the surface with metal beads shots.

Line Marking Pricing

Elegant epoxy floors (in Brisbane) are offered to projects free of charge. This means that Elegant epoxy prices are constantly changing based on workload, hours, preferred materials to use, effort required to complete the project, and traffic times. We do not hesitate to work on small projects as well as the needs of our customers.

Our company policy

Commercial vehicles, cars, buses, bicycles, tricycles or pedestrians all have the right to be safe on the roads. The attitude of the world today is towards creating standard and safe streets. All facilities must be integrated for safe and efficient transportation. Elegant epoxy flooring believes in the safety of everyone and is committed to providing innovative solutions to improve road safety.

Epoxy Flooring & Projects Confirmation

After each project is approved, we in our company make sure that some requirements are met. Our preference is to sweep the area first. However, we can also provide our customers with round trip services. All cars and traffic must be removed during work, and for ease of work, we do not hesitate to work after hours so as not to create an obstacle for users. The area should be free of garbage. Garbage can be an obstacle in the preparation of our work.

Line Marking Warranty

In our work, we offer a one-year warranty against peeling problems. However, issues such as moisture and negligence in the subsequent care are not included in the warranty. The manufacturer’s certificate can be provided if it is indicated before the start, because it is necessary to first evaluate the project’s production representative in order to issue and receive the relevant certificates. Also, our warranty does not include damages such as damage to the substrate such as cracking of the floor, displacement or collapse of concrete or abuses.

Safety and Occupational Health

As part of our commitment in complying with the principles of health and safety in the workplace, our epoxy flooring product considers its moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees, contractors, customers and visitors. This obligation also includes ensuring that there is no risk of harm to the community or the local environment in which we are working, or any injury or disease. In addition, it is noted that due to the conditions and materials used the use of any kind of tobacco is prohibited in the working area. Therefore, it is strictly avoided to do this. Therefore, if your residence flooring needs to be lined or coated with epoxy, or if you have a flooring project that requires precision, attention and skill, and if you need advice with epoxy flooring, the country’s leading resin flooring experts and our hardworking team They can help you in doing these services and in this way you will get an amazing result. We assure you that your project will be completed on time and in compliance with all standards and will be of the highest standard.

Finally, we provide a variety of line marking, road marking and surface treatment solutions to help road users maintain their position on the road, inform them of changes in road conditions and assist with interactions between road users. Our team is qualified to conduct line marking services in accordance with road authority standards and requirements.

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