3D Floor Design with Epoxy Resin

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3D epoxy flooring is a decorative flooring that is implemented on the floor with the help of 3D printing of a selected design and transparent epoxy resin and gives it a wonderful appearance. 3D epoxy flooring is usually used for lobby, kitchen, bathroom and toilet flooring.

Epoxy floors have many advantages. For this reason, the use of this type of flooring by people and interior architects has increased today. Epoxy floors are two-component floors that have very different properties. These types of flooring can be used on various surfaces such as concrete, metal and mosaic. Epoxy floors are very resistant to all kinds of acids, bases, slippage, wear, chemicals and corrosion. Also, these types of flooring have high mechanical and thermal resistance.

3D epoxy flooring is not like vinyl stickers that stick directly to the floor. This type of flooring creates depth by creating a visual error, and besides creating visual beauty, it prevents damage that threatens the environment.

The installation process of 3D epoxy flooring is performed layer by layer like simple epoxy flooring. With the difference that after applying the epoxy primer, the selected image is applied.

Bedroom epoxy floor

These types of flooring give a shiny and bright appearance to the interior decoration of the building. Epoxy flooring has a wide range of colors, so you can easily match the flooring with the interior decoration of the building. One of the advantages of epoxy floors is their quick and easy implementation. You can cover your bedroom floor in a short period of time. The most important point for the implementation of mobile 3D epoxy flooring is to check the position of the implementation in terms of dimensions and taking into account the floor of the place so that the 3D property is clear to the viewer. Professional installers and skilled workers check the samples before implementing the design.


Epoxy flooring for parking lots is applied with a variety of colors and designs and high chemical resistance to gasoline, acid and oil and the possibility of 3D orientation of the route and stopping place.


In industries, 3D epoxy floors are widely used due to their impenetrability against acid and resistance to carrying heavy loads. The high strength of image depth and color proof for up to 15 years should also be added to its advantages.


Today, 3D epoxy floors are used to give exciting and attractive and even relaxing effects in the interior design of the home, including the bedroom, living room, kitchen decoration, etc. which can be implemented with any custom image in any size and any space.


Epoxy hospital flooring is antibacterial and can be applied in any color spectrum and with various three-dimensional lines, suitable for hospital corridors, offices, laboratories, pharmacies, etc.

Today, the use of 3D epoxy floors has increased due to their excellent and different properties. One of the distinctive features of 3D flooring is their stunning visual effect. Many architectural problems inside the building can be solved by using 3D flooring. You can visually double the beauty of your bedroom by choosing the right color and design. In other words, by using 3D flooring, you can do whatever you dream of on the surface. The variety of colors and designs in 3D flooring is very large. You can choose the type of flooring according to your taste and interior decoration. The price of 3D epoxy floors is very reasonable considering the resistance and visual effect they create. This flooring has attractive colors and designs and it can be used on different floors such as mosaic, stone, cement and metal.





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