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Disadvantages of Epoxy Flooring and Other Things You Should Know

Depending on the type of application, flooring can be used inside the building or in industrial places for its beauty and properties, including high durability. Some of the different types of flooring include epoxies, paint, hard concrete flooring, and polyurethanes. Each of these floorings has advantages and disadvantages. The best choice for each user can be considered by knowing the advantages and disadvantages of flooring.

Among the main disadvantages of this flooring, the following can be mentioned.

Low adhesion on some surfaces

You should keep in mind that the floor of salons that have moisture or are in contact with water, epoxy flooring does not perform properly and after the application, the continuity of the two layers is lost. In other words, moisture is saturated under the surface. The bubble is created and then it causes problems with the flooring layer due to evaporation. In fact, this type of flooring is not suitable in these places.

Time taken to implement this flooring

Another disadvantage of epoxy flooring is its time-consuming implementation. The layers of this flooring should be done after the drying of each previous layer. The floor must be completely clean and free of moisture and dust. In other words, the preparation steps for applying flooring are very time-consuming, which makes the implementation of some projects difficult.

Slippery floor surface

This flooring is not suitable for an open surface where there is a possibility of rain and snow or environments exposed to all kinds of liquids due to its slippery nature. There is a way to eliminate this slippery slope. In fact, it can be modified by adding a material like silica to prevent it from being slippery and create a rough surface that creates friction and prevents slipping.

Low resistance to sunlight

Another disadvantage of this flooring is that its durability and resistance to sunlight for long periods of time is very low. They change color and become layered, and in fact, its adhesion to the floor is lost. As a result, this flooring will not be suitable for open environments.

Low resistance to scratches and elongation

Epoxy flooring is not suitable in high-traffic environments of machines and objects with hard chains. In fact, their surface may be scratched. These scratches reduce the life of the flooring and it is not a good option.

Hard to change and repair

After a period of time, it is very expensive to change the color and design of the flooring and replace it with another flooring. As a result, a suitable choice should be made from the beginning.

In general, safety equipment and special chemicals are required for the best preparation and installation of flooring. Epoxy flooring is temporary. Inadequate durability and resistance, slippery surface and crack growth make it not long lasting. Sometimes epoxy smells of ammonia for some time after application, which is not desirable. According to the above, many factors must be considered for the implementation of epoxy flooring.




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