Epoxy Dining Table

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Tables are the most well-known epoxy resin furniture pieces. You can add a layer of resin to your table to make it more durable, or you can make your own river table. Tables consisting of wood, concrete, stone, or chipboard can all be painted. We recommend EPODEX PRO crystal clear or a color of your choosing for a table coating. You can vary the look and style of your table, for example, by using colored epoxy resin, so it adapts aesthetically when you rearrange your living area.

Epoxy Shelf for the Wall

For novices, building a wall shelf is a nice project. It’s similar to making a river table, but the key difference is that it’s smaller. You wouldn’t put any legs on it either; instead, you’d mount it to the wall.

You may also use epoxy resin to coat an old wall shelf, making it easy to clean, scratch-resistant, and long-lasting. Apply a layer of EPODEX PRO with a squeegee and let it cure completely before usage.

Cabinet made of epoxy

Would you like to make your own epoxy resin furniture? The choices are unlimited when it comes to creating cabinet doors with embedded objects, sealing surfaces, or completing a colorful remodel project using resin.

Resin seals your genuine wood cabinets, making them robust and removing the need for time-consuming wood maintenance. A cabinet coated with epoxy resin is easy to clean and maintains its appearance without the use of polishes!

Chair Made of Epoxy

Protect chairs using epoxy resin to prevent stains, material wear, and other stresses. It’s a popular choice in bars and restaurants, public buildings, and event halls, where chairs get a lot of use and show signs of wear and tear rapidly. They can also be easily sanitized. Aside from fabric covers, any aspect of a chair can be coated. Simply use a squeegee or foam roller to apply EPODEX PRO to the chair and work in intersecting movements to close all of the material’s pores. Allow the resin to set completely before using the chairs.

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