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Epoxy Floor Design Ideas That Bring Innovation to the Floor

In American and European countries, interior design and modernity are progressing faster in Iran, and every day a new idea is presented in the market of architecture and construction. Today, the use of industrial flooring systems is abundantly seen in these countries. Epoxy decorative flooring is an excellent option for those who are looking for a flooring with high strength, reasonable price and of course stylish and beautiful. The implementation of 3D designs on the floor creates harmony with other home appliances and furniture.

Epoxy flooring is not only very widely used in residential and office environments, but because of its antibacterial properties, it is also very effective for use in hospital environments. The glossiness and visual beauty of this flooring, as well as the property of moisture and chemical insulation to be quickly cleaned and shiny, have become very popular among buyers.

Epoxy floor coverings have a wide range of colors, which, in addition to this, have the ability to implement 3D designs. The 3D designs that are implemented on these floors are very effective in terms of visual beauty in creating a wonderful and special atmosphere in our home or workplace. It is also noted that before epoxy flooring is applied on damaged surfaces, experts related to this work should check the surface of the ground and the floor. The quality of the ground surface is directly related to the quality of the epoxy. There should not be any dirt or dust on the surface before applying epoxy, otherwise the epoxy will not have the required quality.


In the following, some ideas of the use of these floors are mentioned.

First idea: classic designs; Suitable for classic and contemporary decoration and catering

Second idea: Using spatial and attractive designs: suitable for the bedroom

Third idea: the design of the sky and clouds suitable for the bedroom or living room

Fourth idea: the use of marine and fish designs suitable for the bathroom

Fifth idea: 3D design of lawn suitable for kitchen and reception

Sixth idea: simple epoxy without design: Suitable for all parts of the house. Also, epoxy without design is very practical for use in offices and hospitals.

Seventh idea: Children’s design suitable for bedrooms and play areas for children and kindergartens

Eighth idea: 3D epoxy floral model suitable for bathroom


Finally, it can be said that floor coverings have a great effect on the change and beauty of the interior decoration of our home. Modern style decoration is actually based on one principle. Simplicity at the same time beauty. Especially the design and color of the floor coverings increases the beauty of creating aesthetic elements in our home. Changing and changing the floors like any other changes and changes will cost money, so the use of beautiful and at the same time affordable floors such as epoxy floors, which are made in different designs, colors and shapes, in changing the interior decoration of the house. It is highly recommended.


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