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A commercial business must choose flooring that provides a seamless surface to help eliminate fissures, lines, and other areas where soil and pathogens might dwell in order to satisfy the criteria needed to grow crops to top quality and maximum yields.

The floor should be non-porous and provide a surface that can isolate harmful products or spills so that cleanup can be done safely and securely.

. Floors in greenhouses should be provided with floor-to-wall alternatives for simpler sanitation and washing down sessions in the grow space between planting cycles, and should allow for upgrades and changing of slope to allow for proper drainage in the growing areas.

The greenhouse flooring should also be strong and durable enough to handle large loads, staff traffic, and the movement of equipment required in day-to-day greenhouse operations. The installation of epoxy flooring is a simple solution for business operations. Keeping the Grow Room Clean.

One of the most critical decisions a business owner will make is what type of flooring to choose. Because floors are distributed throughout the building, choosing the wrong flooring can have a significant impact on an operation’s yields and profits in the long term. Few commercial enterprises can afford the annoyance and overall cost of having to make repairs and enhancements that would not have been necessary if the appropriate decision had been made.

Why Should a Commercial Operation Install Epoxy Flooring?

There are countless benefits to the use of epoxy flooring in a greenhouse. These should be taken into consideration when selecting flooring for a new build or for improvements to an existing structure. The use of the resinous epoxy floor results in a floor that has a high gloss finish. This high gloss aids in the reflection of light to the underside of leaves on crops aiding in photosynthesis and improving yields. This floor has a virtually seamless finish and surface meaning that there are less areas for weeds, pathogens, and dirt to accumulate in areas a grower might not be able to see.

This helps in sanitation and overall health of the plants in the grow area. Epoxy floors have been shown to have exceptional resistance to the harsh environment of the greenhouse from water resistance, chemical, alkalia, and acid resistance and the ability to hold up under the high traffic areas with both people and equipment. Most importantly, epoxy floors have added safety in the workplace. These floors are slip-resistant with the option to fully customize the tread and areas for increased traction at install, as well as, allow for the placement of colors and markers that are industry and OSHA approved. Epoxy floors have low to zero V.O.C and are fully compliant to EPA and other environmental regulations.


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