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“Epoxies are important in increasing the performance of sports and recreational equipment for both amateurs and pros.” Tennis rackets, skis, golf equipment, and hockey sticks have all gotten lighter, stronger, more reliable, and fatigue-resistant thanks to the usage of epoxies.

Fishing rods and poles, kayaks, jumping poles, bicycles, archery bows and arrows, and other activities use epoxy resin-coated equipment and gear. Epoxies are also important in the maritime industry, supplying coatings for small and big boats used in a range of water sports,” according to the Epoxy Resin Committee (ERC) website. Since the early 1980s, the ERC has represented the interests of over 95 percent of Europe’s epoxy resins makers as a product committee of Plastics Europe, the Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe.

Athletes can be a superstitious bunch, clinging to a beloved (and favorite) competitive “sword” employed in their sport of choice. Epoxy resin composite sports equipment also allows for the repair of preferred rackets, rods, skis, clubs, and sticks, as well as the coating and sealing of a variety of marine boats such as kayaks and rowing shells.

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