Epoxy Resins with High Performance in Aerospace Applications

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Epoxy resin is employed in a variety of inventive ways in the aerospace sector, from spacecraft hardware production to flame retardancy and space suit reinforcing. This thermosetting polymer’s adaptability and flexibility make it an incredibly valuable component in the ever-evolving development of space travel technologies..

The extreme environment of space necessitates the usage of superior materials, which are designed to endure the increased heat, cold, and radiation conditions that occur. All types of spacecraft employ adhesives and other polymers for structural, mechanical, and electronic purposes, including as bonding, potting, encapsulating, coating, sealing, and staking.

Adhesives for space applications must be able to endure high vacuums, extremely low temperatures, and temperature swings.” Their ties should be strong enough to last the duration of the assignment. Adhesives exposed to space for lengthy periods of time should be very resistant to radiation and microcracking, as well as atomic oxygen if in low-Earth orbit (AO). This is due to the fact that radiation can make some adhesives brittle, resulting in cracks. Long-term exposure to AO can degrade adhesives,” according to Robert Michaels’ ‘Epoxies and adhesives appropriate for space,’ which was published on


Composite textiles based on epoxy are also used in advanced spacesuit design and development to assure strength, lighter weight, durability, and flame retardancy. Epoxy resin layers are sandwiched between layers of fiberglass fabric and composites to create multifunctional spacesuits that are both protective and flexible during spacewalks, often known as EVAs. (Astronauts’ tasks outside their mother ship are known as extravehicular activities, or EVAs.) NASA has designated this spacesuit as “Suited for Spacewalking.”

So, the next time you use epoxy resin in your house, studio, or yard for DIY or creative projects, remember that these polymers are truly ‘out of this world!’

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