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Does epoxy flooring include warranty and after-sales service?


Epoxy flooring is one of the types of resin flooring based on epoxy resin and in liquid form, which is used in various industries. This type of flooring is used in two components (resin and hardener).

After mixing these two components with a specific ratio, the drying process of the floor covering is started, and finally, an integrated floor covering with unique physical and chemical properties is obtained. The answer to the above question should be yes. Our flooring has a corporate warranty, and the warranty letter will be delivered to the respected employer after the work is completed.

Elegant company has covered all its products and services and all its proposed systems for several years under the after-sales service. In addition to the warranty and guarantee of all products and floors implemented, elegant epoxy flooring is also covered by engineering risk insurance.

The communication unit with elegant flooring customers has tried to provide a safe and reliable environment for customers by carrying out certain activities so that customers can express their opinions regarding the delivery of orders and receiving services related to resin flooring and be sure to fix them.

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