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How long is epoxy flooring and how long does it last?


This issue has a direct relationship with how to use the flooring. Epoxy flooring has high resistance and depending on the space it is used in, it will have a different lifespan.

Although, in any case, the useful life of epoxy flooring is longer than many other floorings, especially in high-traffic environments. For example, harsh uses such as doing things that cause deep scratches in the flooring may reduce the beauty of this product, the lack of strength and rigidity in the substrate causes cracks in the epoxy flooring, and things like moisture leakage under the flooring.

As a result of factors such as bursting of the pipe, it will cause damage to the epoxy flooring. But in general it can be said that in case of specialized implementation and reduction of damaging cases, a standard epoxy floor covering will be able to maintain load-bearing capacity for up to 20 years, but in terms of beauty, it will suffer from a decrease in the initial effect, and if beauty is important, it needs periodical recoveries. The useful life of epoxy flooring increases with proper care and compliance with certain conditions

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