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How much time does it take to dry after applying epoxy flooring?


In Epoxy Flooring, The drying speed of different resins is different. The mixing ratio has nothing to do with the drying speed of the resin, for example, it cannot be said that 1 to 2 resin is faster than 1 to 4 resin.

We have resins that, despite being 1 to 8, have a very high speed in curing, so the criterion is only the materials used in its formulation, epoxy and hardener. Heating the resin and temperature changes may cause the epoxy resin to boil, smoke, and crack, and it will also damage the texture and strength of the epoxy, so if you are at the beginning and cannot control the gel time of the resin, I do not recommend doing this at all.

The complete drying time is seventy-two hours, but usually after five hours, the flooring is superficially dry. Deep drying occurs twenty-four hours later. But to be completely sure, it is better not to drive on the floor until the end of seventy hours. After this time, it is better to drive with caution. It should be noted that epoxy resins do not adhere well to PVC. If it has a decorative aspect, it might not be a problem, but you can’t expect good adhesion for use.

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