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What is the acid resistance of this flooring?


For measurement, first, the type of acidic material, temperature, PH and other additional information such as its other type of exploitation should be determined. This type of product is produced and presented based on modified cycloaliphatic polyamine hardener and epoxy novolak resin.

No reactive solvents or diluents are used in the structure of this product, which makes the polymer structure of the product remain stable after the reaction. And its chemical properties do not suffer from a decrease in properties, extraordinary chemical resistance, non-permeability and excellent thermal resistance of this product have made it the best choice for protection against corrosive and polluting factors.

Anti-acid epoxy flooring is usually used in military industries, oil and petrochemical industries, copper industries and generally in industries that have problems with corrosion. The raw materials of anti-acid epoxy flooring will generally include epoxy novolak resin, silco aliphatic hardener and other permitted additives. The execution time of acid-proof epoxy flooring with an approximate area of 1000 meters will be one working week.

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