epoxy resin and hardener and its application

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The combination of epoxy resin and hardener is one of the main challenges for novice epoxy workers. Before using the epoxy resin and pouring it into the mold, make sure that the resin and hardener are completely combined. Otherwise, the resin may not dry and become sticky.

Why is it important to combine resin and hardener?

If the proportion of resin and hardener is not accurate, you will face problems. If the amount of resin is more than the required amount, it will never harden and will always be soft and pasty, and if the percentage of hardener is more than the allowed limit, it will harden very quickly and you will not have the opportunity to create a design. The mixing ratio of resin and different hardeners is different, which is determined by the resin manufacturer, and you can ask the seller for this ratio; But usually, the ratio of mixing epoxy resin to hardener, which is available in the Iranian market, is two to one; That is, for two weight units of resin, you must use one weight unit of hardener.

All kinds of hardeners to combine with resin

In general, two types of polyamine and polyamide hardeners are used to combine epoxy resin and hardener. Polyamines are often used in decorative works due to their transparency. This type of hardener gives you a smooth surface and is not soluble. Polyamide hardener has a brick color and is thicker than polyamine. This hardener is soluble and can be diluted with some special solvents. This type of hardener is not suitable for decorative works and is generally used for epoxy floors.

What to do after mixing resin and hardener?

After you have mixed the resin and hardener well and a clear and uniform liquid is obtained, wait for a while until the excess bubbles are removed and then use. In order to bubble, you can add the color to the hardener and after it is completely uniform, add it to the resin; but be careful that you should do this when you have accurately weighed the required resin and hardener; because the weight of paint affects the mixing ratio of resin and hardener.

How do I know the resin is well mixed?

Before talking about how to combine epoxy resin and hardener, let’s take a look at resin and hardener. When you first mix the two together, your epoxy resin and hardener mixture will be cloudy or wavy at first. This is normal. It should be noted that this problem can be solved by mixing correctly and for a sufficient time, and the resulting mixture will be shiny.

How long does it take to completely combine the epoxy resin and hardener?

This depends on several factors such as the weight of the compound resin, the temperature of the resin and hardener, the temperature of the work environment and the speed of your stirring. The minimum time required to mix the epoxy resin and hardener at 25 degrees Celsius is 5 minutes. If your resin has a long gel time (similar to U1030 wood resin), you can continue stirring for up to 8 minutes.

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