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Epoxy flooring for the home is one of the very wide applications of these epoxy resins, which have many fans due to the improvement of the level of beauty of the environment and also the increase of resistance and strength of the floor. These floorings have many different colors in terms of appearance, and due to the area of application, very happy and attractive colors are usually used. Basically, the application of epoxy flooring for the home is done by considering a set of aesthetic criteria. So you can choose any design from 3D images and implement it on the floor surfaces.

If you want to choose an epoxy floor for your home, definitely pay attention to the appearance that is going to be created. 3D epoxy flooring is one of the most attractive products that has a stunning result after application and finishing. This type of epoxy flooring uses a series of images with high depth of view and so-called 3D in its interior and the layers below, which creates a scene that is very close to reality by placing transparent epoxy resins on those images.

Epoxy flooring advantages to home

If the appearance of these floors attracts you and you decide to implement it. It is good to know that epoxy floors have other features in addition to their special and beautiful appearance. For example, this type of waterproofing is very strong and can completely seal the desired surface.

These types of coatings are resistant to heat. Due to heat, they are much less vulnerable than parquet or laminate. The variety of colors and designs in them is unlimited. In addition to the floor, you can also cover the wall with the same design or color. Epoxy floor coverings are completely integrated and seamless, and in this sense, they are unique compared to other coverings. They are completely resistant to detergents and acids with a low percentage. They are very easy to clean. They have very little thickness and weight, and if you want to apply another coating on them after years, they will be an ideal substrate for your flooring.

Is epoxy flooring preferable to ceramic and parquet?

As you know, ceramic surfaces are square and rectangular, and a series of construction materials are used to stick them to the floor. As a rule, there are lines in the middle parts between both ceramics that may corrode over time, and this factor causes the creation of small and permeable pores on the surface. In the case of parquets, it is impossible to be sure of the impenetrability of the surface due to the fact that the parts are placed together. For this reason, epoxy flooring for the home is always preferred in order to create an integrated substrate without any surface openings.

What criteria are used to determine the price of epoxy flooring?

The price of epoxy flooring for the home is not so high compared to the amazing result it creates. For this reason, all the manufacturing companies try to market them with balanced prices in order to benefit the citizens from the unique capabilities of epoxy flooring in their homes. Of course, the criterion of the area of the environment is always the priority in determining the price of the project. Also, simple or three-dimensional designs have a direct impact on the final price.

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