What is epoxy primer and what is its use?

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Epoxy primer is a type of anti-corrosion coating for metal and concrete surfaces. Primer is highly effective due to its special features. Epoxy primers have high viscosity. Another characteristic of epoxy primers is their high penetration and adhesion. Primer can be used as putty. In this case, you can use primer to fill all the seams and gaps. Epoxy primer can connect the work surface and the top layer together.

The bonding capacity of the primer is very high, so this combination can be used for concrete and metal joints. In addition to high adhesion, epoxy primers protect metals against corrosion.

Epoxy primer advantages

• Epoxy primer has a high adhesion to surfaces, which makes it play the role of a protective lining after hardening.
• Epoxy primer is close to zero in terms of porosity in its composition, which makes it resistant to moisture penetration.
• Epoxy primer is a suitable primer for applying paint and flooring.
• Epoxy lining does not catch fire due to its resistant compounds and can be used as a fireproof coating for areas where there is a possibility of fire.
• Often in buildings or for devices and cars, it is possible to see the surfaces or vibrations of the building. The primer is resistant to shock and vibration and will not fall apart.
• Epoxy primer is thin and this allows it to penetrate to high levels. Also, it gets high resistance after being fixed in place.
• This material has a long life and remains strong for a long time.

The difference between primer and epoxy resin

Epoxy primer is a derivative of epoxy resin itself. This product creates a very thin layer of primer on concrete and metal surfaces, and like epoxy resin, it is a two-component material that hardens with the help of polyamben and benefits from the properties of epoxy. With the difference that Rein Epoxy requires several separate layers to be applied, which are added depending on the space. Also, epoxy resin cannot be used alone and cannot be a good option for uneven and non-smooth surfaces. For this reason, even in the parts where they intend to apply epoxy flooring and the surface is uneven, they first use a layer of primer to make the surface completely smooth and ready for flooring.

Applications of epoxy primer

This primer can also be used on cracks and dents. Its binding capacity is excellent and it creates a good surface. Epoxy primers not only provide excellent adhesion to metals, but also serve as a suitable base for additional undercoating products and topcoats (paint). Epoxy primers are commonly used to coat metal cans and containers, especially those used to store acidic foods such as tomatoes. Epoxy primer is a sealant that creates a good surface on applied top layers. A two-part epoxy primer containing zinc phosphate that acts as a corrosion inhibitor pigment. Epoxy primers can be used to waterproof materials, thereby protecting the bare metal from oxidation. A dry and very clean surface is required before applying the epoxy primer. Two-part epoxy primer must be thoroughly mixed before use.

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