What material is used for 3D epoxy flooring?

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Epoxy can be considered one of the best examples of flooring that has something to say in the world of interior decoration, and one of the most beautiful and inspiring examples that you can cover your environment with is definitely 3D epoxy. The reason for using the word “exciting” is that by using 3D designs, you have the ability to add depth to the space and introduce sometimes strange designs into your space that will completely transform your environment.

First, in order to be able to introduce you well to this phenomenon in the art of interior decoration, you need to be familiar with epoxy. Epoxy is actually one of the other petroleum derivatives that is widely used in various industries, including interior decoration, due to its unique capabilities.

Knowing the ingredients of epoxy floors will help you make the right choice. Epoxy flooring is a reliable coating for various places, especially places that are exposed to moisture and chemicals. These floorings can be produced in different colors and have high resistance and density. If we want to mention their advantages before dealing with the ingredients of epoxy floors, we must say that they have a unique resistance to corrosion, decay and serious damage.

Of course, epoxy has a transparent texture that can be mixed with other materials such as paint or desired solids and cover the surface that you are considering layer by layer, depending on what materials are combined with the base of epoxy materials. Its types are formed. For example, 3D epoxy is one of the types of flooring used in interior decoration. 3D epoxy flooring has several layers of epoxy material along with a 3D design layer that you have in mind and chosen for execution. You can work in all the spaces you have available and you want a beautiful design to be implemented in it. These materials will become hard and resistant easily and you can wash and clean them; They are completely waterproof and scratch resistant, and finally you will have no problem walking on its smooth and polished surface.

Covering material

Coating materials are those materials that do not require harsh thermal processes to be applied on concrete. Solvents can also be used to improve the process.

Penetrating material

Penetrating materials are one of the most important components of epoxy floors, which are based on epoxy resin. These materials have low viscosity and can easily penetrate into the concrete surface and their absorption is very easy. These materials are used when you want to increase the abrasion resistance of concrete and make its surface antibacterial.


Before we proceed with the implementation of polymer flooring, we must cover all the porosity in the concrete. Primers are used for this purpose and seal the concrete surface. The most important substances that are combined in them include solvents or reactive diluents.

Middle layer

The purpose of the middle layer is to flatten the concrete surface. The implementation of the middle layer helps the polymer flooring to be more resistant. You can also use primers after the middle layer to increase the final quality of the work.

Final coating

The final coatings should be applied in several layers using the resin used in reinforcement. Of course, you can also use the more resistant type. The final coating should be applied on the fiber reinforced layer. If this coating is used directly on the primer coating, it can also take over the sealing of the layer. Otherwise, bituminous sheets with polymer support should be used for sealing after the final coating.

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